Dear Aspirants,
Flamboyant Design is creating its identity as a best preparation Institute providing creative method and practical learning to the aspirants assisting to set their goal towards successful education and career opportunity in the field of Design.

FDPI is a great initiative approach founded by Asit Kumar Raha who is a NIFT alumni and designer. He started his professional career working with reputed fashion brands in the year 2009 and achieves experience in designing fashion and lifestyle products to cater Global Fashion market. Working with DC (H), Ministry of Textile as an empanelled Designer conducting various Design Development Workshops with craft artisans, he come up with an idea to establish a centre of design culture and innovation where youngsters will participate and aspire themselves to study and work in the field of design to contribute their skills to develop better future.

According to him, the increasing demand of new and creative designs among consumers have encouraged Fashion & Design industry to produce new ideas taking important participation and leading role of Designers and professionals. The prospect of global design market is very bright and marking its active presence with a maximum share of world economy next.

Aspirants are invited to participate and prepare to find their creative opportunity in the field of Fashion, Design & Architecture and aspire to become a successful designer and professional in future ahead.

Best Wishes,
A Note for Aspirants from Asit Kumar Raha (Founder & Director)

About FDPI


FLAMBOYANT DESIGN PREPARATION INSTITUTE is inspired by the creativity of Indian Art, Culture and Traditional value of education. It has pledged to set an objective to identity the creative aspirants who are willing to establish their career among the renowned fashion designers and professionals in the global fashion industry. FDPI is creating a base of design knowledge and awareness among every individuals dedicated to aspire in the field of Fashion, Design & Architecture. A team of qualified mentors, Fashion & Design experts, professionals and NIFT / NID alumni firming together to make FDPI a great initiative approach for aspirants.


FDPI with its creative approach towards field of Fashion, Design & Architecture has set its mission to prepare aspirants to achieve success in competitive exams conducted by reputed and premier Institutes in India and Abroad. A constant guidance and learning approach at FDPI would help every aspirant to secure their educational and career goal.

“To encourage aspirants to develop their learning skills and technical approach in the eld of Design and Architecture and this in turn would be supportive for them to create prospects for better career opportunity and self- employment.”


FDPI has set its priority to provide best teaching methodology to the aspirants who help them to understand about Fashion studies and its practical approach. The study plan has been introduced as per the National level entrance examination by reputed Institutes of Design & Architecture where systematic modules have been set to understand the format of creative and analytical based tests. Aspirants from different academic backgrounds are prepared with basic understanding of creative approach and provided extra effort to set their inspired potential in entrance exam.


FLAMBOYANT DESIGN PREPARATION INSTITUTE takes opportunity to mark its excellence in providing best preparation classes to every aspirant seeking admission in premier Fashion, Design & Architecture Institutes in India and abroad. FDPI as a centre for Fashion, Design & Architecture Preparation has taken responsibility to guide every aspirant in providing them a proper general aptitude and creative design ability preparation programme based on syllabus of the entrance exams conducted by reputed and premier institutes.

As a Designer & consultant, we always believe in working as a team which provides us great strength and acquiring vast knowledge to produce new and innovative results. At FDPI, under same concept of teaching and strengthening the learning environment it is important to encourage aspirants to get awareness of the real eld of design interacting with designers, experts and professionals and understanding the knowhow and actual working environment of the design industry and related areas of the design eld. A team of qualified mentors, design experts and professionals are rming together to make this institute as a great initiative approach for aspirants.